Rev. Dr. Jude Arnold

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Rev. Dr. Jude Arnold, after writing a Master’s Thesis in Nursing, rode a bicycle across nineteen countries. During which time many people encouraged her to write a book about her unique style of travel; conquering fear.

Rev. Dr. Jude Arnold is now an Ordained Minister and certified in Applied BioMechanics and Cranial Sacral Therapies.

She has an extensive background in Education and Health Services, with special emphasis on Natural Healing. Having traveled the World extensively and learned alternative healing methods has provided a wealth of experience in civil rights, non-violence, and promoting World Peace. She offers Natural Health and Whole Life education and counseling, as well as Psychic Readings and Spiritual Guidance. She has great empathy and success with Women-”maidens, mothers, and crones.” She has participated in Triathlons (Running, Biking, and Swimming), Modeling, Organic Gardening, Rainbow Gatherings, and Community Co-Operatives. Other interests include Astrology, Feng-Shui, Hair Wrapping, Clowning, Cultural Studies, Dancing, Devotional Chanting, Drumming, Horseback Riding, Macramé, Writing, Mindfulness, and Spirituality.

The Late Jan Arnold has been honored and immortalized in 3 previously published books by Author House and her sister, Rev. Dr. Jude Arnold, including; Jan Does Europe, Marci Gets A Haircut and The Indepth Me. Rev. Dr. Jude Arnold is a facilitator of healing, a life-style consultant, an ordained minister, a doctor of natural medicine and educational psychology, a retired, masters prepared R.N., a traveler, the author of The Last Lipizzan, and certified in Applied BioMechanics and Cranial Sacral Therapy.