Marci Gets a Haircut

"I just love reading MARCI every night."
- Nine year old girl

"I thought it would be a girl's book, but it's cool. Two of the stories have a boy in them and I could really relate."
- 11 year old boy

The Last Lipizzan

People of all ages love, Belly, The Last Lipizzan at Circle 7 Ranch in the beautiful Ozarks. One says "It's a precious story illustrated with awesome color photos.

I read it to my infant who points, laughs and hugs Belly."

The Last Lipizzan The Lipizzan Reunion

"Anyone with animal friends knows that animals are all about body language and creaturely communion. We really become a part of their family as they become a part of ours. This poignant tribute to two horses is for those who have ever lost a beloved animal friend. It is a story of love, grief, and acceptance, with photographs that speak silently of the heart connection between the writer and two horses she shared so much with."

James Powell review Sep 20, 2010


“The stories and photos in Sparkle are fun. And they made me decide to try harder.”
- School Age Reader

“Dr. Jude's Children's books should be in the public school reading programs.”
- Mother of Juvenile Reader


Readers of Jan Does Europe are saying: "Jan comes through in a caring way. "I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of getting to know her and missed her when the book ended. "It gave me an opportunity to think of my sister, to get to know myself and to feel that I am not alone."


The Indepth Me shows how complex these sisters' relationship was. Jan thought so highly of Jude, who obviously loved her sister; that she would have trusted Jude to do the right thing with her journals. It is sometimes uncomfortable to be confronted with a person's most secret thoughts. But it made me feel like I knew more about the human condition because Jude was brave enough to reveal so much of her sister and herself. Many writers suffer the wrath of friends and family when they do this, but if they never did, we would be deprived of so much truth and understanding about ourselves and others."
- Nancy T

"On One level, The Indepth Me is decades long records of correspondence between two sisters who loved each other with all the caring, commitment and misunderstanding that siblings share. The younger sister, Jan, dies in a scuba diving accident in 1990. The letters continue as Jude attempts to pierce the veil of memory, in order to come to grips with who her sister was and who Jan is in Jude's psyche. On a second level it represents the struggle for and of identity: Who am I? Is there a higher power here in my life? What do I want? What is possible?
This document, in its own modest way, stands for an age."
- J. Gerasimo Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus

Learning to "SPARKLE"
A New Collection of Children's Stories
Listen to Rev. Dr. Jude Arnold's
Radio Interview Aired May 30, 2006